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Sponsorship Policy


Sponsorship Policy

Policy: GNYDA will only maintain corporate sponsorships that uphold the NYSDA Strategic Plan.

This policy will apply to all GNYDA events, meetings, public relations activities, and publications.
GNYDA actively seeks opportunities to collaborate with external organizations to achieve shared objectives. However, it is imperative that these collaborations do not negatively impact GNYDA and do not prevent GNYDA from realizing the goals outlined in NYSDA's strategic plan: 
  1. The public trusts and chooses registered dietitians as food and nutrition experts
  2. NYSDA improves the health of New Yorkers
  3. Members and prospective members view NYSDA as key to professional success.
Determining Sponsorship Propriety:
GNYDA will not accept corporate sponsorship from companies whose products and/or services are viewed to negatively impact the public's health and/or limit the public's trust in dietitians, as determined by a BOD vote. The extent to which potential sponsors engage in the following undesirable activities will be discussed before voting:
  • The providing of services or the sale of goods that undermine the health of Americans, such as the promotion or sale of foods that are processed, high in calories and/or salt, and low in vitamins, minerals, and/or fiber.
  • Participation in lobbying initiatives that curtail public health laws or mandates.
  • Marketing strategies to children not in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission Interagency Work Group proposed guidelines.
  • Provide educational materials targeted to dietitians that do not present a balanced, unbiased approach to nutrition and wellness
Acceptable Forms of Sponsorship:
BOD-approved sponsors will be permitted to provide resources under the following guidelines:
  • Donated meeting space, refreshments, money, folders, pens, and other meeting supplies will be accepted for the sponsorship of an overall event.
  • Individual educational sessions cannot be sponsored by another party. Sponsors may have zero influence over speaker selection and/or content of the lecture.
  • Waived (i.e. sponsored) honorariums are permitted, but with caution to prevent commercialized educational events and/or other conflicts of interest.
Note: Product samples, also known as "goody bag" items, distributed with the intention of consumption after the event, can be considered an indirect form of sponsorship.  Therefore, the BOD will approve all samples being distributed at events prior to the event.
Protocols to Prevent Conflicts of Interest and Promote Transparency:

Each of the following actions will be consistently implemented:

  • GNYDA will ensure that the content of all continuing education events is decided by member need and interest, not by the needs and/or interest of potential sponsors.

  • All GNYDA event organizers and speakers will complete conflict of interest statements to disclose any relationships with the food and/or agriculture industries, including event sponsors.
  • All speakers will be identified by GNYDA. Sponsors cannot independently determine speakers.
  • Speakers will be required to have all slides and other presentation materials (including hand-outs) reviewed and approved by the President, President-elect, or Immediate Past President at least one week before the GNYDA event to ensure they are free of promotional materials and provide a balanced, unbiased approach to the educational topic. Promotional materials can be provided at networking events that do not provide continuing education credits.
  • Each educational session, meeting, public relations event, and publication will be 100% transparent on all sponsorship
    • For any event, a PowerPoint slide or other form of written notice will indicate the sponsors of the event's meeting space, honorariums, refreshments, monetary donations, product samples, folders, pens, and other meeting supplies.
    • A verbal statement will be provided by the GNYDA President or his/her representative indicating that all educational content was determined and developed independent of any sponsor's influence. Additionally, if product samples are provided to attendees, a verbal statement indicating that the samples are only provided to enable our members to stay abreast of new and existing products in the marketplace, and each practitioner should use their own judgment to determine what products are appropriate for themselves, their families, and their patients.
  • Any potential conflict(s) of interest identified in the conflict of interest statements, including relationships with food and/or agriculture industries, will be disclosed at the event even if this event is not sponsored.
  • At the end of each fiscal year, GNYDA will release a sponsorship report of all sponsored activities and/or publications to its members.
  • A copy of this sponsorship policy will be placed on the GNYDA website for members and the public to access.
  • Member feedback on their satisfaction with GNYDA sponsorship practices and transparency will be sought via a permanent sponsorship transparency sub-page of the GNYDA website as well as on all event evaluation.

GNYDA: Greater New York Dietetic Association
NYSAND: New York State Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
BOD: Board of Directors
Enacted: September 2013
Last Updated: March 2017